The Musicians' Rest Home - through the Musicians' Home Foundation that manages its socio-hygienic and charitable activities - aims to guarantee that its Guests will enjoy the best quality of life; that they will be looked after, stimulated to recoup and make use of their remaining abilities; that they will live in an environment in which they can feel that they are an active part of a community; and finally, that they will spend this period of their lives peacefully.

The Rest Home possesses ideal facilities and qualified personnel for responding to the needs of its Guests.

The Musicians' Home Foundation takes it upon itself to realize an effective system for looking after the rights and needs of its Guests and to improve the quality of its services in accordance with principles of equality, continuity, participation, efficiency, and efficaciousness.

With these goals in mind, the Foundation pursues the following objectives:

  • improve the Guests' quality of life;
  • preserve personal independence by favoring and encouraging each person's initiatives;
  • respect the right to privacy;
  • recognize and maintain the Guests' roles in society by favoring their ties with family and friends;
  • encourage their participation in cultural and artistic events promoted by the city's institutions or by the Home's administration.