Friends of Casa Verdi Association

Since 26 June 1979, Casa Verdi has enjoyed the support of the Associazione Amici di Casa Verdi (Friends of Casa Verdi Association), which was created with the aim of carrying out initiatives favoring the moral and material support of the rest home, to which the association must contribute monies accruing from its own functions.

The first president of the Amici di Casa Verdi was Sergio Dragoni, a benefactor of the rest home and unforgettable president of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music.

The next presidents of the Amici were Giulietta Simionato, celebrated singer (not only in the Verdi repertoire), Simonetta Puccini, Giacomo's granddaughter, Prof. Agostina Laterza and Giovanna Flora Gazzera. All of them always had a special love for Verdi and for the Guests of the rest home.

The association's current president is M° Claudio Massimo Pavolini and the vice president is dott. Andrea Cazzaniga.

The Amici's work has always been and remains of great use for the financial support that has permitted important renovation work to take place at Casa Verdi, but also for the ongoing activity of showcasing young musicians for Casa Verdi's Guests and for the Amici themselves; these events take place nearly every Sunday in Casa Verdi's Hall of Honor.

The association is based at Casa Verdi; two members of the rest home's board of directors are required to participate in the association's board.
The association's valuable contributions have given it the right, since 1999, to nominate a member of the rest home's board of directors.

To participate in the association's activities and to attend the concerts, please contact the office from Tuesday to Thursday morning at the following telephone number: +39 02 499600217 or by email amicicasaverdi(at)tiscali(dot)it